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Welcome to

After nearly six months of pondering, writing and head scratching, I am delighted to announce that is now officially open for visitors! Although I must admit that it had never occurred to me that we could be launching a photography website during an ongoing global pandemic emergency. It seems kind of surreal to be releasing articles on the website which were wrote well before the Coronavirus pandemic began. Just earlier this month I was uploading a Travel Photography article by David Taylor. Now the idea of leaving my local town, let alone travelling the world, seems an extremely unlikely and irresponsible suggestion. However, photography for me has always been a distraction from the trappings of modern day life… and in many ways this is the reason why I have launched – Simply for the love of photography.

My main objective for is not only to create a friendly online space for beginning photographers to learn photography as well as a platform where pro photographers can not only share their images and knowledge but also actually get paid for their work. I have been a professional photographer for twenty years and the way that photography has been devalued over these two decades is simply heart breaking. Not just for me on a business level but for the world of photography in general. I have seen so many talented photographers disappear without trace simply because magazines, newspapers and magazines think they don’t need to pay a licensing fee for their content i.e. The images they use to sell their publications or advertising spaces. I am sure that a lot will change with this website over the coming months (and hopefully years) but I will be happy as long as delivers fresh weekly content and the people behind this content get paid.

To celebrate the launch of, I am delighted that we have a free photography ebook now available to download.

Are you a beginner photographer looking to get to grips with your first camera? Or perhaps you consider yourself a more experienced photographer looking to further expand your craft? Whatever your level of photography experience, the new ‘101 TIPS TO MAKE BETTER PHOTOS’ book is guaranteed to improve your photography skills.

In this free eBook, award-winning professional photographer David Taylor, shares his extensive photographic knowledge through a series of 101 tips suitable for a wide selection of photography styles including travel, wedding and portrait photography. David is an experienced author having wrote over thirty-five photography books including the ‘Expanded Guides’ for Canon EOS and Sony cameras, as well as books covering more general photographic subjects.

If you would like to receive your free copy of the ‘101 TIPS TO MAKE BETTER PHOTOS’ eBook, please enter your details below and we will email you a download link directly to your inbox.

Thank you for taking the time to read this… and hopefully everything in our world will return to normal soon…

Stay Safe…


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