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Photography For Beginners – Online Course


Photography For Beginners – Online Course

£29.99 £9.99

Learn photography online by enrolling for the ‘Photography For Beginners’ online course and find out how you can master your camera! Consisting of 10 detailed lessons, the ‘Photography For Beginners’ course will teach you the fundamental principles of photography and the basics required to make great photos!

The course has been written by David Taylor, an award-winning photographer who has penned over 30 photography books. Optional online learning support is provided by professional photographer; Jason Friend.



The ‘Photography For Beginners – Online Course’ is delivered online via the dedicated learning platform.

The course structure is based around 10 lessons covering 59 different topics. The lessons are broke down as follows:

  1. Choosing a Camera
  2. Understanding Lenses
  3. Other Equipment
  4. What Are Camera Modes?
  5. File Formats and Picture Parameters
  6. Understanding Exposure
  7. All About Light
  8. Mastering Focus
  9. Composing Your Shots
  10. Enhancing Your Photos

The course topics are delivered as a series of detailed course notes covering everything you need to know to be a proficient photographer including Camera Sensor Size, Lens Focal Lengths, Flash Guns, Metering Modes, File Formats, Histograms, White Balance, AF Modes, Framing and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

There is a short online quiz at the end of every lesson to ensure that you have fully understood the key aspects which have been covered.

Should you have any questions, optional learning support (via a dedicated messaging system) is available for the duration of the course.

Course Tutors

Tutor: David Taylor

David Taylor is a British award-winning landscape and travel photographer, who was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne and now lives in the ancient market town of Hexham, Northumberland. He took his first photograph at the age of 14, when his parents gave him a Kodak Instamatic for Christmas, and he has been taking photographs ever since.

His landscape photos have been used in publicity materials by local businesses, councils and tourism organisations, such as the Northumberland National Park Authority. He has also supplied images and articles to both regional and national magazines including Living North, Countryfile, Black & White Photography and Outdoor Photography.

Learning Support: Jason Friend

Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England’s North-East, Jason Friend is an award-winning professional photographer that specialises in commercial, stock and travel photography.

Jason’s photography career has spanned almost two decades with many incredible highlights including publishing a best-selling book, working for iconic brands such as Microsoft and National Geographic, exhibiting at the renowned Joe Cornish Gallery, and being personally invited to photograph a member of the royal family.


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